The Club Restaurant

Phone 07 825 8288

Our restaurant is open from 10am Tuesday to Sunday for excellent food.

We also cater for events at the Club and the Bowling Club.  Packages available for all events and budgets large or small.  Contact us to discuss.

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Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch 10am to 2:30 Tuesday to Sunday                   

Free Range Eggs

Eggs on Toasted Ciabatta -$12.0 V…GF on request

Two eggs any style, poached, scrambled or fried.

Try Adding to your eggs on ciabatta…

Streaky Bacon -$5.0

Top Cut Pure Pork Sausage -$5.0

Cured Salmon -$5.0

Creamy Mushroom -$5.0

Roasted Vine Tomato -$4.0

Potato Rosti -$4.0

Raglan Club Giant Breakfast -$27.0 GF on request  

Eggs with streaky bacon, Top Cut Butchery old fashion pure pork sausage,

creamy mushroom, potato rosti and tomato on toasted ciabatta.

Eggs Benedict-Bacon or Vegetarian $22.0…Cured Salmon $23.0 V…GF on request

You choose cured salmon…or bacon…or try our vegetarian option of baby spinach, grilled tomato and mushroom topped with homemade hollandaise on toasted ciabatta.

Vegan Fix -$22.0 V…GF on request

Grilled mushroom and tomato, with sautéed sweetcorn, chickpeas, black beans and wilted spinach served with avocado smash, red peppers, pesto and toasted ciabatta.

Sweet or Savoury

Belgium Waffles-$17.0                                               

Bacon & banana with maple syrup & vanilla mascarpone.

Creamy Mushrooms & Bacon on Toasted Garlic Turkish Pide -$25.0

A popular savoury start to the day. Try adding a free range poached egg ($3.0)


Caesar Salad-Bacon or Cured Salmon $23.0.

Cos lettuce tossed with your choice of Streaky Bacon or Cured Salmon with parmesan, pine nuts, a poached egg, croutons and Caesar dressing.

Lamb and Pearl Couscous Salad-$27.5

Slow cooked NZ Lamb with baby spinach, feta, Spanish onion with fresh herbs and a rosemary and honey dressing.

Quinoa Salad – $25.5 GF on request

Roasted bell pepper, cumin spiked carrot, green beans, baby beets with an orange and ginger dressing and toasted sesame seeds.

Daily Specials and Specialties

Green Shell Mussel Pot served with toasted Garlic Turkish Pide GF on request

Mussels steamed au Naturale –$21.0

*Wine & Creamy Garlic… or… *Thai Green Curry –$25.0

Market Fish-$POA GF on request

Local Beer, battered fish served agria chips, a garden salad with homemade tartare sauce.

Bagels’… Plain or Gluten Free Sesame Seed

Punched, Rolled, Boiled and Fired. Authentic hand rolled, wood fired bagels.

Cured Salmon and Crème Fraiche with Fried Capers-$16.0

Cream Cheese and Berry Compote-$15.0

Smashed Avocado and Dukkah-$15.0


Big Kahuna Burger -$25.0

Buttermilk chicken, bacon, egg, smoked cheddar with pineapple salsa,

garlic aioli and salad.

B*L*T -$19.0 GF on request

Streaky bacon, lettuce, tomato with garlic aioli on toasted Turkish bread

served with agria chips…Try adding avocado smash to your B*L*T -$22.0

Raglan Club Open Steak Sandwich -$25.0  

Made with aged 200gm Silver Fern Farms sirloin, baby rocket,

crumbled feta beetroot relish, caramelized shallots and bacon aioli served on

Turkish bread with agria chips.

Beer Soakers

 Garlic Bread Lightly Toasted -$9.0

 Chips with Tomato Sauce -$9.0

 Loaded Wedges -$16.0

Grilled Bacon and cheese wedges topped with sweet chilli and sour cream.

 Nachos -$22.0 GF on request

Beef chilli con carne on corn chips topped with cheese served with

sour cream & avocado smash.


 For The Kids and including a juice or soft drink -$12.0

 Scrambled Eggs on Toast

 Chicken Nuggets and Chips

 Fish Bites and Chips

 Mini Hotdogs and chips

 Ham and Cheese mini pizza



       Green Salad -$9.0                                            Avocado Smash -$5.0

       Egg -$3.0                                                            Garlic Aioli -$3.0

       Side of Bacon -$5.0                                         Side of Hollandaise – $5.0  

       Extra Sausage-$4.0                                        Potato Rosti -$4.0

       GF Toast, 2 slices-$4.0                                      


                           COFFEE MENU, SLICES AND FRESH SCONES





Small Plates and Starters from 2:00pm

Dukkah Bread $12

Aromatic flavoured seeds and Nuts toasted on pizza bread with garlic aioli.

Prawn Cocktail $16

Always a favourite, prawns set on a bed of iceberg, tomato, lemon cheek and covered in our own seafood sauce.

Steamed Dumplings $14

Vegetarian served with dark soy and aromatic chilli oil.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken $18

Crispy fried and served with Kewpie Mayo and pickled pink ginger.

Sticky Pork Rib Tips $18

Always a favourite, ginger, and soy slow cooked ribs.

Nachoes $22

Beef chilli con carne on corn chips grilled with cheese and topped with sour cream. Great meal for two with a couple of pints


                                     Bar Snacks and Sides

Lightly Toasted Garlic and Herb buttered Turkish Bread $9

Agria Fries with Tomato Sauce $9

Loaded Wedges with Bacon n’ Cheese, Chilli and topped with Sour Cream $16

Garden Salad $9


                                Bigger Plates from 5:30pm

Fresh Bar Fish and Chips $POA

Local Workshop Brewery beer battered fish fillets, agria fries with salad and tartare sauce.

Pasta of the Day $POA

Check out the specials board for today’s choice.

Chicken Parmigiana $28

Panko crumbed and topped with a fresh Napoli sauce, mozzarella cheese, fries, and salad.

Homemade Burgers with Agria Fries $25

Served with beetroot and onion jam on a salad garnished sourdough bun.

  • BEEF: 150gm Pattie with bacon, grilled cheese, and egg.
  • CHICKEN: Panko crumbed with bacon and cheese.
  • VEGETARIAN: Rosti with house made chutney, egg and cheese.
  • FRESH FISH: Battered fish of the day with salad and tartare sauce.

Farmers Choice Pure South Scotch Fillet $37

300g prime beef cooked to your liking with two free range eggs, mushroom sauce, battered onion rings, garlic butter and agria fries.

Prime Pure South Scotch Fillet 300g $37

Cooked to your liking, with creamy potato mash, seasonal steamed vegetables, and topped with mushroom jus and garlic butter.

Asian Style Sticky Pork Ribs $28

Hoisin and soy marinated ribs with rice, sesame slaw and picked ginger.

Lamb and Pearl Couscous Salad $28

Slow cooked Kiwi lamb with baby spinach, feta and fresh herb couscous and a rosemary balsamic dressing.

Vegetarian Couscous Salad $24

Pearl couscous marinated in horopito oil with fresh herbs tossed with baby spinach, feta, olives, tomato and basil

Gado Gado…Traditional Indonesian Dish with Peanut Sauce $24

A Balinese favourite steamed mixed summer vegetables with an authentic peanut sauce on rice.

Caesar Salad $24

Cos lettuce tossed with tangy Caesar dressing, bacon, garlic croutons and parmesan cheese, topped with a jammy egg. Optional add chicken. $29


                                                        Dessert $14

Unholy Kahlua Delight R18

Sponge filled with fresh cream; the secret is in the Kahlúa choc-alcoholic sauce.

Sticky Date Pudding

Home-made served with hot butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice cream.

Ice Cream Sundae

Scoops of ice cream topped with your choice of Chocolate fudge or Caramel sauce.

Belgium Waffle

Sweet and hot served with banana, maple syrup, chocolate fudge sauce and vanilla ice cream.


                                               For the Kids $14

Our kids evening meals are served with a small juice or soft drink and a Single scoop vanilla ice cream sundae topped with caramel or chocolate sauce.  Conditions apply suitable for 12 years and under

Battered Fish and Chips

Ham and Pineapple Pizza and Chips

Mini Hot Dogs and Chips

Stir fried Vegetables and Rice