Raglan Club

The Raglan Club is Closed until further notice

This includes the Bowling Club on James Street

Don’t worry, this isn’t a reflection on how we are doing as a Club because we are doing great.

It is due to New Zealand being in Lockdown and all non-essential business’s being closed.  While we’d like to think we are essential, we actually aren’t.

So the doors are closed until the lockdown is over and we can open again.

Stay Isolated and Stay Safe

Follow all official guidelines

We look forward to seeing you all when the crisis is over

Check here for covid19 updates


Does the Club have your updated email address and contact details?  Email info@raglanclub.co.nz to make sure.  Don’t miss out on any important mailouts.

If you want to get hold of Raglan Club Executive, the email is raglanclubsecretary@gmail.com

The Club is open from 1pm every day

Check out Left Hand Break New Facebook Page

We have a Gaming Lounge and our adjuncts include

Darts – 8 ball – Snooker

Fishing Club – Indoor Bowls – Outdoor Bowls

Travel Club


The Raglan Club inc is a member of Clubs NZ. Membership to our Club allows you to enjoy the facilities we have to offer as well as visit affiliated Clubs.

Self Contained Motor Vehicle Parking at the Club

We are a recognized park-over for members of NZMCA with self containment $15 fee each night is payable on arrival at the bar.

Please sign the register exclusively for NZMCA  members.

NZMCA members are affiliate members of the Raglan Club so you are able to sign yourselves into the club with your NZMCA number.

The property also provides you with a dump station.