Fishing Club Adjunct

The fishing section is a popular section of the club, given we’re on the coast and surrounded by great fishing opportunities.   We’re not just about taking you out fishing on our many charter trips out over the bar, but just as much we want to help new ‘fishos’ to learn ways to improve their fishing skills.

We’re passionate about our fishing and look forward to welcoming you to our group. Contact the Fishing Adjunct at the Club for details on how you can get in on these fishing trips.

Indoor Bowls

You are very welcome to join us at our weekly roll-up each Thursday afternoon during the Indoor Bowling Season.  The subscription is $5 per year for Raglan Club members and $2 each roll-up.  Roll-ups start at 1 pm so be there by 12.45 pm to have your name in.


The Dart Club are an enthusiastic group, always aiming for that perfect 180. Along with club nights at the Raglan Club we also have teams visit us, play occasional weekend tournaments and make trips away.

8 Ball/Snooker

This is a popular club section.  We have excellent snooker and 8 ball tables available at no cost to play on.  During the main season, May – Oct/Nov 8 ball has regular fun comps on Sunday afternoons.  We also have a championship series that runs through the same months.

The snooker section is always interested in new members joining and the odd game of billiards is also played.  Snooker players annually participate in a Waikato wide club snooker tournament for those more competitive players.


Our travel section’s all about fun, A day at the races, out in the sun.  A night at a concert, a cruise on a boat, And when we’re late back we don’t need a note.For everyone know we have a few stops. A pub or a club – no worries about cops. Sharon is the person to see, so join up today for a five dollar fee.