Special General Meeting

A Special General Meeting of the Raglan Club Inc. was held in the clubrooms at 22/24 Bow Street, Raglan at 12:30 pm Sunday January 14, 2018.

Thanks to everyone who came to the special general meeting.  Members passed all of the following resolutions by over 200 votes.

That Colin Sullivan, The President of the Raglan Club, be removed from the Executive Committee of the Raglan club.

That Debbie Dalbeth be affirmed as President under provision 9.3 of the constitution and that the current sitting committee be given the mandate to run the Club.

That the Executive committee of the Raglan Club give priority to the development of a Strategic Plan incorporating Budget Forecasting, Financial Review of events such as Band Nights and normal Raglan Club operations, Human Resources guidance and evaluation, Executive Evaluation giving deference to Governance New Zealand guidelines, and team building initiatives for Members of the Raglan Club.

And That; the Strategic Plan be in an implementable state of progression by March 2018.

That; at least three members of the Executive Committee of the Raglan Club be present when Legal Advice and other professional advice is sought, where practical to the members of the Executive Committee of the Raglan Club, and where legally permissible.

That the Executive Committee of the Raglan Club explore retaining a neutral independent and competent chairperson for a desirable period of time for the chairing of the Raglan Club Executive committee meetings.

That the special general meeting requested for the 11th February 2018 be cancelled.

Thank you