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17 February 2018
Hi Members
It’s only been a few weeks since the last SGM, and you may not have heard much from us, but your executive is working like mad behind the scenes.  Amongst other things, we are making great progress on our draft strategic plan, budgets and we have lots of ideas and enthusiasm for progressing our Club.  Finances are tight but we will be starting to put some plans into action over the next few weeks.
We appreciate all the support we are getting and for the donations the Club has received.  If you would like a receipt for your donation, please email the Club on the bank account number for donations is 03 1563 0033900 29
Special thanks to those who have donated time, money and materials to fix the roof, buy the grease trap and pay the strategic planning and business review bills.
Do you enjoy a flutter on the races?  The turnover on our TAB pod is declining and we’ve been told if it doesn’t turn around they will remove the TAB at the end of March.  So, if you are interested, now is the time to start a syndicate or punters club.  We hope to have some promotions around that in the next week or so.
Our adjuncts are a key part of the Club so if you’ve ever wanted to play bowls, darts, pool, snooker, fish or travel, connect with one of these adjuncts.  If we can help any of the adjuncts to organise interclub or fill your charter boat, just let us know and we can see what we can arrange.
If you want to contact the executive directly, the email address is or you can email the Club management on
Raglan Club Executive